ClaimsControl will never limit free entry and sharing of the claims. We charge only extra features, which are useful for professionals, such as teamwork, API integrations and so on. Given pricing is applied for all types of companies except the insurers.

Important note to the brokers

Every first two broker companies in each country, who will invite their customers to use the platform, will benefit from the Unlimited plan for free for 3 years.

Limited time offer - add all your team for free!

For the time being, adding of users to your account is enabled in the free plan. In the near future this option will become available only in the paid plans but don’t worry, all the users added now will stay in the system for free forever!


€0 per year

Unlimited claims storage and sharing

1 user


€350 per year

+ export of claims to XLSX

+ up to 4 users


€960 per year

+ API integration with your systems*

  + Unlimited users

 *Limited to the exchange of up to 2,000 claims cases per year. Please contact us for larger quantities.

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